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Cruelty-free lipstick

Our luxury lipstick formula is guaranteed 100% cruelty-free. We are registered by The Vegan Society, which is a real honour because it is an organisation which gives animals the voices they don’t have. We admire everything The Vegan Society stands for and does to protect the health and welfare of animals and humans, and the environment.

Our founder, Madeleine, is proud to be vegan and this means our formula, packaging, and processes are completely free from any animal products and derivatives.

By using certified, organically-farmed and sustainably-sourced ingredients in our formula, we are able to trace every ingredient all the way back to where and how it was grown, processed and manufactured. This helps to protect wildlife and biodiversity.

"If more manufacturers are willing to make a change, consumers can easily make ethical decisions based on their beliefs, whether that be a love of animals, a need to save the environment, or both!"

The Vegan Society

Certification ensures that our ingredients are grown without genetically modified organisms (GM), herbicides, synthetic fertilisers, parabens, phthalates, synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances, nano particles, or any other controversial chemicals.

All of this makes them suitable for even the most sensitive lips. Experience full coverage and a satin finish in a comfortable yet long-wearing lipstick.

Housed in our bespoke, plastic-free and recyclable bullets, Juni is the sustainable option; good for you and the planet.