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Luxury Hydrating Lipstick

The Capsule Collection

Experience intense hydration, full coverage and a satin finish with Juni’s Luxury Hydrating Lipsticks. The Capsule Collection has been designed to suit all skin tones, at every age and for any occasion.

About Juni

Serious about the environment but still playful and sophisticated. State-of-the-art formula but always gentle enough for even the most sensitive lips. We are happy to admit that we simply won’t compromise when it comes to ensuring our sustainability and the quality of our ingredients. Whether it’s our uniquely hydrating formula, flattering colours, environmental credentials or iconic product design, we have worked with the best experts in the business to create a lipstick that is as kind to the planet as it is to your body. Made with organic ingredients, 100% plastic-free, vegan as well as allergen, GM and cruelty-free, we are leading the way with luxury, high-performing make-up that values the environment and your health.

The plastic-free lipstick

Founder and make-up artist, Madeleine White, is passionate about the environment. She believes that sustainability should be at the heart of all brands which means there’s no compromise when it comes to scrutinising the environmental ethics of everything - from the recycling of the aluminium bullet to the sticky labels on the packaging. Most lipsticks, even so-called planet-friendly ones, still use plastic components to twist the lipstick out of the case. Avoiding this was a huge challenge but Juni worked with product designers to innovate a unique and beautiful, totally plastic-free aluminium bullet which is 100% recyclable and certified by A Plastic Planet.

Health-conscious ingredients

Madeleine wanted more than just a sustainable, luxurious lipstick with beautiful colours that would suit everybody whatever their age or skin tone. She also sought a product so gentle that it could be used by even those with the most sensitive lips. ‘I am sensitive to everything and so are many of my clients. I found that even products described as being suitable for sensitive skin were still causing reactions and were full of aggravating ingredients, like fragrance and alcohol.’ Working with a UK-based chemist with decades of experience in this field, the unique Juni formulation was invented with minimal but gorgeous ingredients – fragrance free, gm-free, hypoallergenic, and made with high-tech ingredients, such as luxurious organic oils and botanical hyaluronic acid which hydrates, helping to improve the condition of the lips with each application. The unique Juni colours have been carefully curated with neutral undertones to add a glow to your face.

Mindful make-up

‘A lot of make-up provides a superficial quick-fix. It's all about looking good for a few minutes but can often be irritating to the skin. I wanted something more honest, reliable and authentic – the opposite of throwaway,’ says Madeleine. ‘Applying Juni lipstick is a ritual - from the tactile shape of the sleek aluminium bullet, the satisfying engineering of the twist-release lid through to the luxurious feel of the buttery formulation on your lips. It’s a sensory process, a moment where you can be mindful, indulgent and empowered.’

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