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Vegan & Cruelty Free Make-Up

Vegan & Cruelty Free Make-Up


Creating vegan products is non-negotiable at Juni. As a vegan myself, it makes absolute sense that everything we produce reflects my personal ethics. Veganism covers several areas; from animal welfare to human health and the environment, so it goes completely hand in hand with being a sustainable brand.


I strongly believe in utilising the fantastic beneficial properties of plants rather than using animal derivatives. For example, instead of using beeswax in our lipsticks, I opted for a mixture of organic candelilla and carnauba wax. This simple swap means that no bees are harmed, and anyone using our lipstick will benefit from the skin healing properties of the plant waxes - it's a "win-win" situation. 


Being registered with The Vegan Society means that every aspect of our formula, packaging and processes are completely free from any animal products and derivatives, and are always 100% cruelty free. This external verification gives our customers peace of mind that we can back up our claims. For me, being a vegan brand isn't just a clever marketing ploy, but a deep-rooted commitment to doing the best I can. 


"If more manufacturers are willing to make a change, consumers can easily make ethical decisions based on their beliefs, whether that be a love of animals, a need to save the environment, or both!"

- The Vegan Society


It's important to remember that just because a product is cruelty free doesn't mean it's suitable for vegans, so if that's important to you make sure you're choosing products that specify they're ok for vegans, or better yet, certified by an external body.


Sadly, animal testing used to be the norm in the cosmetics and beauty industry. With modern science and testing practices, there really is no excuse to test on animals anymore. The UK voluntarily banned animal testing for all cosmetics in 1997. This ban came into effect in the EU a few years later in 2004. This means that all cosmetics sold in the UK and Europe (from reputable places, this can't be guaranteed for items being sold on places like eBay, for example) are not tested on animals. This is true whether or not the product makes an 'animal friendly' claim.


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