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My favourite vegan and sustainable buys

My favourite vegan and sustainable buys


As you can probably imagine, I love to support sustainable brands. There's something very satisfying about discovering a company that has strong ethics and learning about their story. Purchasing from these kinds of brands instantly makes me become a more conscious consumer; I'm taking time to understand what's gone into making the products and why, and I'm engaging with the company and experiencing their vision for myself.

In recent years there has been a huge flurry of disruptive, sustainable brands launching with innovative ideas and big dreams. I wanted to share some of my favourites with you - things that I researched thoroughly before purchasing to ensure our ethics aligned - and have since gone on to become some of my favourite things that I use on a regular basis. 

I've also mentioned a couple of larger companies that most people will be familiar with, who are now creating more sustainable options for the high street - something that I really hope we see more of soon. 


"Sustainability is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

- UN World Commission on Environment and Development 


Everything mentioned in this list is 100% vegan friendly (this is non-negotiable for me). Other sustainable features include but are not limited to: sustainable packaging, the use of organic ingredients and materials, utilising recycled materials, working to reduce environmental impact and giving back to various initiatives. 


Oway - Organic Haircare and Beauty

Oway make beautiful hair and beauty products - their shampoos and conditioners are by far my favourite. They have their own biodynamic farm in Bologna, Italy, and focus on organic ingredients. Their products are packaged in glass and aluminium, with minimal plastic, and do not use unnecessary packaging. They use renewable energy for business processes to reduce their environmental footprint.

The Purifying Hair Bath - Oily Scalps shampoo is the only product that allows me to go several days between hair washing without causing any dryness whatsoever. It also smells amazing! 

Oway Purifying Hair Bath


Angela Roi - Luxury Vegan Handbags

Angela Roi's message is simple; "To transform the way we think about fashion with ethical accessories that are good for all creatures."

Their handbags and accessories are made by hand using the finest non-animal materials and the company promises to pay fair wages to its artisans. I particularly love this brand for its minimal aesthetic, earthy tones and the obvious high quality. The Grace Mini Crossbody bag in black is my go-to everyday bag, and I can't fault it.

 Angela Roi Grace Mini Crossbody Bag


Louise Young Cosmetics - Luxury Vegan Make-Up Brushes

Louise's make-up brushes are the only ones I use in both my personal and professional make-up kits. Designed and developed by Louise, who has worked as a make-up artist for over 40 years, the extensive range of brushes perform exceptionally well. 

The brushes are completely vegan friendly, cruelty free and handmade in the UK using traditional methods. 

(Louise is a close friend and I worked as her assistant for 4 years, but my biased opinion can be backed up by the thousands of pro make-up artists who also rave about the brushes.)

 Louise Young Cosmetics Make-Up Brushes


Pai Skincare - Certified Organic Skincare for Sensitive Skin 

Pai create some of the best certified organic and vegan skincare on the market, in my opinion. Every product is high-performance and backed up by science, something that can be difficult in the world of organic beauty products. They also choose recyclable or biodegradable packaging wherever possible.

My favourite product from the entire range in the Back To Life Hydration Serum which is a hyaluronic acid (one of my all time favourite ingredients) based serum. I use it every morning and have purchased over and over again.

 Pai Back To Life Hydrating Serum



Love them or hate them, Birkenstock's are an iconic piece seen in many people's summer wardrobes. Although they also produce some non-vegan shoes, they always use a high percentage of natural materials from sustainable sources, and boast that their adhesives are water based, making them environmentally friendly.

Their vegan shoe collection is great, my favourites are the Vegan Arizona Birko-Flor sandal in Pull Up Stone.

 Birkenstock Arizona Birko Flor Vegan Sandal


Arket - A Modern Day Market

Arket is a great example of a high street brand (they're part of the H&M group) doing their bit to be more sustainable. They encourage purchasing fewer but better made pieces that will last a long time, have a fairly large selection of organic clothing, and are transparent about the factories where their garments are made. Arket also encourages people to drop off unwanted clothes and textiles at their stores (they can be of any brand) and promises to efficiently recycle them, returning them to the circular fashion loop.

Their Straight Jeans made from organic cotton are some of my most worn.

 Arket Straight Jeans


Juni - 100% Recyclable, Plastic Free, Vegan & Organic Lipstick

Of course I couldn't make this list without mentioning Juni. I created Juni because I am so passionate about sustainable products and conscious consumption - I wanted to create something that was a joy to use, but also good for you and didn't harm the planet. Our products are over 95% organic, vegan (registered with The Vegan Society and 100% recyclable and plastic free (certified by A Plastic Planet).

I love all of our lipsticks hugely, but my absolute favourite is Luxury Hydrating Lipstick in No.1 Maple.


Madeleine x