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How to Choose the Perfect Lipstick

How to Choose the Perfect Lipstick


Lipstick is incredibly personal. Any seasoned lipstick-wearer will probably have a preference for what they like best. Something sheer and glossy, or opaque and matte? Maybe something with a bit of shimmer or even a wet-look vinyl finish?


But with so many options available, choosing the perfect lipstick can be daunting for some...


My make-up philosophy depends on the job I’m doing. Working on a film requires a very different type of make-up technique and style than a bridal look, for example. When it comes to everyday make-up for the modern woman, I always have the following in mind; skin health.


Many lipsticks can contain not-so-good ingredients, such as drying alcohol, irritating fragrance and even microplastics. Choosing a lipstick with high quality and non-irritating ingredients should be a priority. Lipstick can also be uncomfortable and high maintenance, so identifying a formula and shade that will work for you is essential.


Long gone are the days of thick, chalky lipsticks that suck all the moisture from your lips. Juni’s new wave lipsticks are full of skin-loving ingredients that don’t compromise on performance.


I developed our Luxury Hydrating Lipsticks to tick all the boxes; nutritious, organic ingredients, full-coverage pigment and a delicate satin finish. This combination allows for our lipsticks to be beautiful on their own, yet completely customisable.


You can layer them with a lip pencil for extra longevity, or with a gloss to make lips appear extra juicy and full. You can apply a sheer sweep mixed with lip balm for a subtle stain, or keep building the layers for a dramatic and defined look. For a velvet finish, simply blot gently with a tissue to remove excess shine.


As for the shades within The Capsule Collection, they have been designed to suit all ages and skin tones and complete your essential lipstick wardrobe. Balanced undertones mean that each shade is easy-to-wear and flattering - no pasty pinks that drain your complexion or questionable reds that make teeth look yellow. 


No. 1 Maple

 A perfectly balanced pinky-golden shade. Flattering for barely-there make-up days or to complement a stronger eye look. Maple’s undertones mean that it never looks draining and will enhance your complexion.

No. 2 Petticoat

The ultimate everyday colour – Petticoat is a versatile mid-tone plum that instantly completes your make-up look. Reveal your most sophisticated self.

No. 3 Sunshine 

Think long, hazy summer days, linen dresses and Pimm’s and lemonade. Sunshine is a vibrant yet easy-to-wear pinky-coral and the perfect happy shade to brighten your look.

No. 4 Elise


Mellow yet defining, Elise is a muted red - the ideal shade to take you from day to night. Imagine that timeless Parisian look of undone hair, glowing skin and a touch of lipstick.

No. 5 Lola 


A classic red never goes out of style. Lola is strong, electric and punchy – the ultimate iconic shade. Wear on its own for a contemporary look or with head-to-toe glitter for Studio 54 vibes.


Madeleine x