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How to care for your lips: In conversation with Louise Thomas

How to care for your lips: In conversation with Louise Thomas


Louise Thomas, celebrity skin health specialist, has developed a unique and innovative approach to skin, incorporating a scientific, nutritional and holistic philosophy designed to nurture skin back to optimum health. I am particularly drawn to Louise's philosophy as it matches my own - beauty is just as much about what we put inside our bodies as it is about what we put on the outside. Louise and her expert team are the only people I trust with my skin, and I have visited them for regular facials for several years now with fantastic results and a truly relaxing experience.  

After many successful years working with clients, Louise decided to gather all of her in-depth knowledge and pour it into her own bespoke skincare line, which will be launching imminently. I cannot wait to try it! 
Our lips are particularly sensitive and many people struggle with poor lip health, so I asked Louise for her expert advice on how best to care for them.


 M. Why do lips tend to be extra sensitive and prone to dryness?  

L. Lips do not have any oil secreting glands so this makes them prone to becoming dry very quickly. This in turn will then have an impact on their sensitivity too.


M. What are some of the biggest lip mistakes you see people make?

L. Sometimes people can over hydrate and become a bit addicted to lip balms making the lips drier if they aren’t using the right product.


 M. Are there any particular ingredients we should avoid in our lip products? 

L. I don’t think there are. It’s down to personal preference. Do you want it to just hydrate? Protect? Be a lipstick primer? This will help you to decide upon the ingredients to look for.


M. Can you talk us through an ideal lip care routine? What do you recommended - exfoliate/mask/hydrate/oil?

L. If you have suffered a particular bout of chapped lips, once they are not so sore you could use a soft toothbrush, apply a little oil to your lips & then brush over them to remove any dry, flaky skin. Finish with a liberal slick of salve.


M. Our Luxury Hydrating Lipsticks are completely fragrance free (this includes any essential oils) - why is it that fragrance can be so irritating for some people? 

L. I think it’s a very individual issue. Anyone can be allergic to anything at any time. I have had clients that have used certain products for years without an issue then all of a sudden become sensitised. 


M. Is there anything we can do about prematurely ageing lips i.e. fine lines, loss of plumpness and colour? 

L. For lines around the mouth Retinol based products are very effective at softening lines. Professional treatments such as peels, laser, radio frequency & micro needling work wonders. At home you could try some of the lip masks that are available.


M. We decided not to use SPF in our lipsticks because we believe that to provide sufficient protection, a specific sun protection product needs to be used in adequate amounts, rather than as an added 'extra' in a make-up product. What's your advice on how to best protect our lips from sun damage? 

L. I absolutely agree. Glossy, shiny finishes in products can act the same way as water does in terms of reflecting & increasing the risk of burning the skin. Adequate sunscreen should be applied regularly to the lips just as you would the rest of the face/body.


To hear more from Louise, don't forget to follow her on Instagram at @LouiseThomasSkinTherapy and @LouiseThomasSkinCare


Madeleine x